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Our Name is What We Do Best!

Finding the right doctor is as important as receiving the right treatment. We believe that each person is unique, requiring individualized attention. Dr. Allen is specifically trained to provide a functional neurological perspective that delivers the highest quality natural and non-invasive healthcare that meets each patient's unique set of needs.

Allen Chiropractic, PC, and HealtBuilderS® have become known for treating complicated neurological conditions and other health-related problems with a receptor-based approach; we figure out how best to stimulate your brain to optimize its performance. We start by finding out how your brain interacts with those signals that come to your brain from your environment, and then how your brain displays those signals that come from it to the rest of your body. We address those areas that need help and watch as your overall health improves.

Now, simply showing up for your appointments is often not enough to create the lasting changes you desire. You must do the greater amount of work between visits. While the treatment aspects of your healthcare are done in the office, most of the therapy is up to the patient. Most patients receive exercises designed as daily -- and often several times a day -- homework. You may be asked to change your diet and take certain nutritional supplements. Your progress is relative to your compliance.

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Encouraging Your Optimal Human Performance

Functional neurology has a firm foundation in clinical research and peer reviewed literature. It is a more effective way to optimize your human performance.

Using manual muscle testing as functional neurology offers you possibilities for healing that traditional neurology simply cannot match. When your nervous system is organized, it brings greater organ health, improves your immune responses, rebuilds damaged tissues and slows your process of aging.

Come see how functional neurology can help improve your abilities.



The Care You Deserve

We are all human with the same nervous systems, but we all sculpt our nervous systems differently. Here is an example of neurological sculpting: A right handed person uses their right hand more, so it is more efficient than their left hand. The nerves to the left hand are "sculpted away" because they go unused. Therefore, no two people’s therapies will ever be the same because of how each of us has sculpted our nervous systems.

No doctor in Orange County has been doing functional neurology longer than Dr. Allen -- since 1991. Many patients depended on Dr. Allen as their family doctor because he offers specialized options they can trust.

I’m Dr. Michael Allen, and I’m dedicated to building long-lasting relationships based on trust and integrity with every single patient.



Using Manual Muscle Testing as Functional Neurology

Developed within the chiropractic profession by George Goodheart, DC, (pictured above L-R, Walter Schmitt, DC, George Goodheart, DC, Michael Allen, DC) applied kinesiology (AK) is practiced internationally by professionals of many different disciplines. The International Council of the International College of Applied Kinesiology oversees 18 chapters worldwide.

Applied kinesiology is the clinical application of the myriad aspects of joint motion. Your highest priority nerve signals come from your muscles and every one of these signals should generate 12 different responses inside your spinal cord. When these signals work according to their original design the neurological response is functional and pain free. However, any glitch in these signals creates dysfunction and the perception of pain.

Professional Applied Kinesiologists (PAK) are uniquely trained to recognize dysfunctional joint motion and return it to its most optimal level.





Igniting Your Health From the Inside Out!

The firm foundation of optimal human performance is original design and whole food nutrition is fundamental to that belief. As a result, Dr. Allen has attained Diplomate status from two different nutrition certification boards.

"I believe that each patient is a whole being who expresses their functional capacity relative to their abilities. My nutritional perspective builds on each person’s unique needs, bringing them into them the level of health they desire."

Please contact Dr. Allen today to evaluate your nutritional status.



Informative Healthcare Classes

People often tell me that they looked up their condition on the internet. While that may be helpful it can often create confusion. It's just human nature to think you have all the signs and symptoms you read about. So to help set the record straight we teach periodic healthcare classes that uncover the truth of your condition.

These classes are not just for new patients. Established patients often show up and bring their friends. I think it is important for people to hear straightforward and well researched information from the doctor. It's also a time when people can ask their questions and listen as the doctor takes the time to answer them.

The information is class specific and is emailed to patients. So if you would like to stay informed, please give us your email address via the contact page and we will be sure you receive all the information. Come join us!



Applying the Healing Power of Nature

Naturopathic medicine (sometimes called "naturopathy") is a distinct system of primary health care that uses natural therapies to encourage prevention and self-healing. Naturopathic Medical Doctors (NMDs) blend centuries-old knowledge with a philosophy that nature is the most effective healer with current research on health and human systems.

The therapeutic modalities used in naturopathic medicine (including physical manipulation, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy and hydrotherapy) integrate conventional, scientific and empirical methodology with the ancient laws of nature.

The underpinnings of naturopathic medical practice are in six principles:
1. First Do No Harm
2. The Healing Power of Nature
3. Discover and Treat the Cause, Not Just the Effect
4. Treat the Whole Person
5. The Physician is a Teacher
6. Prevention is the best "cure"



Service that's a Cut Above the Rest

Dr. Allen keeps updated with his studies. He searches out the most advanced teachers in Functional Neurology, Chiropractic care, Naturopathic Medicine and Clinical Nutrition to hone his clinical skills and develop his treatment techniques.

As a result of his clinical experience, Dr. Allen is often asked to teach multidisciplinary classes from his unique clinical perspective in varying international locations. He has taught thousands of doctors in dozens of cities on four different continents. If a doctor has a license to diagnose they are welcomed to learn from Dr. Allen.

Teaching You to Stay Well, Naturally

Dr. Allen has been a student of natural healthcare all his life, having been raised in a health-oriented family. His patients often tell their friends that their doctor is 100% home grown.

His first practice was in Tucson, Arizona at the Swan Clinic of Natural Methods in 1977, in association with Dr. Sheldon Deal (pictured above). He returned to California in the spring of 1978, where he has been in private practice ever since.

Healthy practices have always been a way of life for Dr. Allen, and he is willing to share his secrets with his patients that show interest.

Want to feel better? Call me today. (949) 855-9629



Functional Neurologist,
Professional Applied Kinesiologist,
Clinical Nutrition expert,
Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) in CA,
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD)
in AZ,

Dr. Allen has received Diplomate status
from the following boards:
American Board of Chiropractic Neurology (DABCN),
International College of Applied Kinesiology (DIBAK),
American Academy of Integrative Medicine (DAAIM)
Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (DCBCN),
American Academy of Pain Management (DAAPM)

Dr. Allen holds Fellowship status from the:
American College of Functional Neurology (FACFN).

Have several doctors told you there is nothing more they can do; that you have to live with your problem?

How can a doctor say they treat the root cause of a problem if they do not take the nervous system into account and make it work according to its original design?

Do you have a neurological condition that has altered or limits your quality of life?


Breakthroughs and More

As a Funtional Neuologist, I’ve been fortunate to research and study many different health care topics. I’ve written a variety of medical articles that have been published in well-renowned journals, magazines, and newspapers. In addition to satisfying my own curiosities, my publications are meant to help doctors, medical students, and the general public to better understand health care delivery. Read some of my written works below.

Receptor Based Solutions


What Your Brain Might Say if It Could Speak!


To find out more or to read other articles, please get in touch with me today.

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